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lolz i thank everyone who looks through my gallery!! and if you comment to! thats good!! love ya all!!! ^____^

Kana's Page buddy


my favs. Fav them


Colored Lines
Evangelin .:SPEEDPAINT:. by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Hope and Zakuro by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Like lineless but with colored lines instead
:SSSE: Taf and Cadhla by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
:Heroes of the storm: CE by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Akita by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Tarus by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Without lineart
Soft Shaded
RQ: Morgan by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Akita ice form by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
The type of art that takes the longest for me to make an that I spend the most time on, you can expect it sometime between 1 maybe 2 weeks
Cell Shaded
Abraham and Anthony by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
This one Doesn't take as long as soft shading but you can expect it most likely within a week or a little longer.
Flat Colour
Sketch Dump by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
This one pretty much doesn't take that long so you can expect it in less than a week.
CP: Royttod Lineart by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Akita by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
Tea Party South by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
This you can expect in several days.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Well I like to draw obviously, I also like to make manga books, I think I've made over 21 of them but I haven't published any yet. I like to sing, mainly sing along to myself with music, and I absolutely love playing video games, its like the thing I cant live with out for a day!! XD I'm always on the computer (well not really but it seems like it). I love to role play any time my friends are over or online and I love to read, I get most of my inspiration from stuff I read and I will also get my inspiration from the music I listen to ^^. I use Photoshop 6 to create my pictures along with a Wacom tablet. I have a weakness for romantic, couple things ^^""" and my theory is the longer you have to wait the better it most likely will be, for pictures I owe to people (so dont rush me, I have a life outside of the computer and drawing unfortunately and I cant get everyones picture done fast, and I also have occasional drawing problems which also puts a hold on pictures unfortunately ^^""") I am also really friendly and love making friends so don't be afraid to stop by and just say hey and start a conversation, (though im not that good at communication ^^""" kind of a silent person you could say) but I guess that is all!!
゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

p.s. if you don't like fan girls well to bad because this girl here is a shadow the hedgehog fan girl and I am also a Riku (from KH) fan girl as well

No matter the distance, we shall never be apart.
For we shall always be together, inside our hearts.
And through our lives no matter how many roads we shall plunder.
We shall always end up back with each other.



:iconyoutubelogo: -->… <--
:iconfacebooklogo: --> <--
:icontumblrplz: --> <--

best friends on DA: :iconmelodymuffin: :iconkarshilicious:

those i know in real life:
my big brother: :iconkovukid: and my little brother: :iconfazinks: (and yes they are both bronies)
:iconhappy-princess-kairi: :iconuglybathtubhobbit: :iconahinatafan: :icondd0106: :iconfullmetalkami: :iconunkown-emoidiot: :iconromeo-juliet: :iconsunkist5555: :iconcinqoblink179: :iconkiaragurl: :icondracoqueen: :iconkatsumi-hitachiin: :iconfawfulwaffle99: :iconalita-forland: :iconzeldalina: :iconlovedot: :icongammarobot: :iconacidlovewolf:

People I admire: :iconxamag: :iconann-jey: :iconhachiyuki: :icontooaya: :icontofu93: :iconkaya-snapdragon: :iconximbixill: :iconemperpep: :icongofu-web: :iconpamf: :iconshiupika: :iconaka-shiro: :iconterraterrific: :iconroksanath: :iconroxo89: :iconwickedalucard: :iconadalishu: :icondigikat04: :iconkithsune-sama: :iconminevi: :icone09etm: :iconloonaki: :icondemiseman: :iconneokale: :iconissyonith: :iconkarshilicious: :iconmidna01: :iconmelodymuffin: :iconmiatriss: :iconjunglebee09: :iconastehrisk: :iconuglybathtubhobbit: :iconhappy-princess-kairi: :iconmikeinel: :iconerraday: :icongreyradian: :iconleilabc: :iconeluxios: :iconacidlovewolf: :iconrubi-era: :iconancientdivina: :iconminji-desu: :iconazu-chan: :iconmarshiepanda: :iconyuumei: :icontomiokajiro: :iconspoondiesei: :iconspellboundmasquerade: :iconjuliathedragoncat: :iconkonokohayato: :iconvelvetbatbites:

:admire list info: my admire list is comprised of beings who either I learn from or whom I
admire for their creations or how they create them. Being on the low end of the art scale
many things amaze me of their art and creations and they only add to my rising need to
improve my art. They are my sole reason in my vast improvements and I could improve
my art. They are my sole reason in my vast improvements and I could not have improved
as I did without them I give them my thanks for wanting to draw and creating the
beautiful works of art for all to enjoy and I hope to someday be like the many of you and
inspire others as you have inspired me. Each one of you has a special gift, hold onto it
and never let it go.
with love,


:iconkana-aurora-riku-9: Germany
:iconkatsumi-hitachiin: Italy


Current Residence: in your backyard >:D
deviantWEAR sizing preference: *shrugs* im broke
Print preference: I dunnoooo
Favourite genre of music: christian rap, christian, christian rock, ect.
Favourite photographer: anyone
Favourite style of art: manga, sonic, cartooning, animation
Operating System: D| what type of operating system
MP3 player of choice: i lost my mp3 player |D
Shell of choice: squirtle, i choose you!
Wallpaper of choice: slideshow |D
Skin of choice: white~
Favourite cartoon character: lawl i dunno
Personal Quote: "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You killed me so I will kill you too"
  • Mood: Caring
  • Listening to: pretty much anything on my playlist
  • Reading: Harry Potter
  • Watching: Lets Plays
  • Playing: Assassins Creed
  • Eating: Flesh
  • Drinking: Blood


Characters you can choose from to draw:

    Sonic Characters:

     Bonnie - A guard in the assassin organization. She is very happy and hyper most of the time but can be serious when it comes to her job. Her                                              weapon of choice are throwing knives
     Acura - Acura has the ability to control all forms of liquid mainly sticking with water. She can transform into her elemental form which is a mermaid
     Uyeda - Uyeda is a water demon. He is more proper and polite than most demons and prefers living in water but will also live on land if he has to.
     Calcifer - Calcifer is the only son of the leader of the bounty hunters. He is very protective of his younger sister especially from his controlling father.                                         They live in a desert

Character References:

     Bonnie -ColorBonnie by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Outfit Reff Bonnie by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
     Acura - ColorAcura by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Outfit Reff Acura by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
     Uyeda -ColorUyeda by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Outfit Reff Uyeda by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9
     Calcifer -  ColorCalcifer by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Outfit Reff Calcifer by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9

Picture scenarios:

     They can be in any type of scenarios but here are a few ideas:
            Bonnie: basically any scenario could work for Bonnie, anything summery maybe a beach or in a field with flowers
            Acura: At the beach/near the ocean would be ideal
            Uyeda: You can put him in any type of aquatic scenario on just put him on land but have him around something aquatic
            Calcifer: Most likely in the desert

    Human Characters:

You could always draw any of my sonic characters listen as a human since I don't yet have detailed reference pictures of my human characters but here are a few options.

 Redesigned  Kh Kana By Kana Aurora Riku 9-d2y668d by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Chenoa refference by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Tarus by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9Akita by Kana-Aurora-Riku-9

Thank you and have a great Summer!



:bulletred: requests :bulletblack:

Half Star= sketch finished
Half StarHalf Star= lineart finished

:iconcool-sr: - draw Will and Frenzy holding hands Half StarHalf Star

:iconroxiefoxie98: - spike the hedgehog with a gun and pizza in his mouth pointing at the box kimmie is holding up,laughing with my sharp teeth and toung out. Half StarHalf Star

:iconyinandyangx: - draw Vegas and Sonic holding hands and looking at each other lovingly between a full moon on a cliff Half StarHalf Star

:iconlunarhusky: - Draw Marin and Wynne, Wynne is eating icecream while they are both picking flowers in a garden Half StarHalf Star

:iconcreepytechnician: - Draw Rags and Switch Half StarHalf Star

:iconjessiethetiger: - Draw Jessie Half StarHalf Star

:iconcotythehedgehog: - Draw Coty Half StarHalf Star

:iconkristianthetiragon: - Draw Niana Half StarHalf Star

:bulletblue: art trades :bulletblack:

:iconblue-ice-angel1994: - draw Mollie and Genesis Half StarHalf Star

:iconlightning-dream: - draw Charm with Shadow Half StarHalf Star

:iconkarakuripanda: - draw  Britney and Mephiles Half StarHalf Star

:iconshadowthehedgehog109: - draw Black the Hedgehog Half StarHalf Star

:bulletpurple: Collaborations :bulletblack:


:bulletblack: Contest Prizes :bulletblack:

:iconspeediothehedgehog: - draw Speedio and Speedla in a brother sister like picture Half StarHalf Star

:iconlightning-dream: - colored pic of Charm standing in the rain, chibi of Charm Half StarHalf Star

:iconaprict: - a chibi of Rucro, and a lineart of Royttod Half StarHalf Star


:star: 1. Introduction kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 2. Earth
:star-empty: 3. Fire
:star: 4. Water kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 5. Air
:star-empty:6. Spirit
:star: 7. Death kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 8. Fallen
:star-empty: 9. Unwanted Memories
:star-empty: 10. Destruction
:star-empty: 11. Possesion
:star: 12. First Love kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 13. On the Run
:star-empty: 14. Fatal Choice
:star-empty: 15. Breaking the Law
:star-empty: 16. Sleeping
:star-empty: 17. Best of Friends
:star-empty: 18. Misunderstanding
:star-empty: 19. Fight
:star-empty: 20. Dreams
:star-empty: 21. Unconscious
:star-empty: 22. Betrayed
:star: 23. Who do you think you are!? kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 24. Pain kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 25. Imaginary
:star-empty: 26. Last resort
:star-empty: 27. Starvation
:star-empty: 28. Scarred
:star-empty: 29. Marked
:star: 30. Hunted kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 31. Untamed
:star: 32. Chosen kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 33. Cursed
:star-empty: 34. Crazy Fangirl
:star-empty: 35. DeviantArt
:star-empty: 36. Party!
:star-empty: 37. Hair
:star-empty: 38. Forgotten Love
:star-empty:39. Lost and Found
:star-empty: 40. Necklace
:star-empty: 41. Maths
:star-empty: 42. You are not me
:star-empty: 43. Spain
:star: 44. Angels Wings kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 45. Feathers
:star: 46. Old Times kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 47. Unnatural
:star: 48. Ghost of the Past kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 49. Gamble
:star-empty: 50. What do you want from me?
:star-empty: 51. Shot
:star-empty: 52. Rock on!
:star-empty: 53. Darkness
:star-empty: 54. Drowning
:star: 55. Waiting kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 56. Falling kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 57. Nightmares
:star-empty: 58. Homework
:star-empty: 59. Don't leave me!
:star-empty: 60. Heaven
:star: 61. Hang on kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 62. Hero kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 63. Puppet kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 64. Choose your fate kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 65. Lies kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 66. Pressure
:star-empty: 67. Shattered
:star-empty: 68. Hidden
:star-empty: 69. Secrets
:star-empty: 70. Light
:star: 71. Blood kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star: 72. Being followed kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 73. Going Under
:star-empty: 74. Taking over me
:star-empty: 75. Whisper
:star-empty: 76. Immortal
:star-empty: 77. Innocence
:star-empty: 78. Devour
:star-empty: 79. Just Stop!
:star: 80. Who am I? kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 81. Haunted
:star-empty: 82. Eclipse
:star-empty: 83. Run
:star: 84. Torn kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 85. Silence
:star-empty: 86. Music
:star-empty: 87. Into the darkness
:star-empty: 88. Black and White
:star-empty: 89. Sweet red
:star: 90. Losing Control kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 91. Revenge
:star-empty: 92. Consequences
:star-empty: 93. Origin
:star-empty: 94. Unknown
:star-empty: 95. Forgive Me
:star-empty: 96. Confrontation
:star: 97. Never Ending kana-aurora-riku-9.deviantart.…
:star-empty: 98. Angel Of Mine
:star-empty: 99. The Truth And The Lies
:star-empty: 100. Finale

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